Shanghai TV Festival kicks off, with Internet productions drawing attention
By Xu Mengqi
The annual Shanghai TV Festival kicked off on Monday with a forum focusing on the latest changes in China’s television industry . 
The annual Shanghai TV Festival, now in its 25th year, is once again open to the public. This time at the opening forum, industry professionals agreed on a new trend that underscores recent TV development in China: The ongoing success of streaming apps.
One case in point is the TV shows. If you've just decided to watch a Chinese drama today, you have a wide selection of online streaming platforms to choose from: There are a myriad of options to choose from, not only those broadcast on TV, but also some tailored for the web.
The Shanghai TV Festival kicks off on Moday. /VCG Photo 

The Shanghai TV Festival kicks off on Moday. /VCG Photo 

By allowing audiences to leave real-time comments on the screen, digital platforms offer an essentially more interactive viewing experience, which, in turn, is impacting production crews.
''Previously when I was producing for TV stations I only saw and heard audience feedback in later reports. Not like this face-to-face feeling now. It helps us to reflect more,'' said TV drama director Li Xiaojiang.
The Internet productions, generally reach their audience faster, too.
''Take my last drama, we had just finished post-production at the end of last month, and probably it will be released in a month or two. We could have never imagined this speed before,'' said Li.
The exhibition in the Shanghai TV Festival. /VCG Photo

The exhibition in the Shanghai TV Festival. /VCG Photo

The faster turnover rate is definitely a big draw for investors, but TV professionals also have their concerns over the eruptive growth of new media. 
''Because Internet productions are still at an underdeveloped stage, there are all kinds of programs. Some value speed over quality,'' said Zhao Yifang, founder and CEO of Huace Group, a Zhejiang-based film and TV production company.
The challenge, experts say, is to improve the content quality of Internet productions while preserving originality.