2019 IAAF World Relay: China win silver in women's 4x200m event, break Asian record
China clinched a silver medal in the women's 4x200-meter final, creating an Asian record of 1:32.76 at the 2019 IAAF World Relay in Yokohama, Japan, on Sunday.
Despite strong line-ups Jamaica and the U.S.A. failed to grab the crown due to some worst exchanges. 
Jamaica eventually claimed the bronze medal with 1:33.21, while the U.S.A. were disqualified because of a foul. France cruised to victory with 1:32.16, a world best this year. 
The Chinese four (Liang Xiaojing, Wei Yongli, Kong Lingwei and Ge Manqi) performed well during the transient competition. 
Liang and Wei handed over smoothly, and there was a deadly turnover of Jamaica's first-second baton handover which gave the top seed a slim winning chance. China's track position was relatively ahead, and inside-running France took a clear advantage. To the fourth baton, Ge Manqi kept the second till the end and nailed a silver medal for China.