China congratulates Bolsonaro on election as Brazilian president
Updated 17:16, 01-Nov-2018
China's Foreign Ministry congratulated Jair Bolsonaro on his election as Brazil's president on Monday.
China and Brazil are strategic partners and, in adherence to the principles of equality and mutual benefit, China remains Brazil's largest trading partner and investor, spokesperson Lu Kang said at a regular press briefing.
When asked whether Bolsonaro's potentially closer relationship with Taiwan will be a violation of the one-China principle and thus damage China-Brazil ties, the spokesman emphasized China's stance that the one-China principle is the country's political foundation for developing relations with countries around the world.
Adherence to this principle is also recognized as a guideline for international relations in all countries of the world, Lu added.
Since both are developing countries and major emerging markets, China attaches great importance to improving its global strategic partnership with Brazil. 
China is ready to work with Brazil under the principle of mutual benefit to contribute more to the economic and social development of our two countries, said Lu.