Alipay's worldwide users exceed 1 billion
Updated 07:26, 13-Jan-2019
Worldwide users of Alipay, China's leading online payment platform, exceed 1 billion, according to data released by Alipay on Wednesday.
Alipay's Ant Financial Services Group said it has cooperated with nearly ten major overseas smart payment companies including India's Paytm and Thailand's TrueMoney, which has contributed to the growing number of Alipay users.
According to Alibaba's latest quarterly financial report, Alipay's Chinese users have surpassed 700 million and 70 percent of Chinese users have used three or more financial services provided by Ant Financial.
The increasing number indicates that more Alipay users around the world are benefiting from the convenient and fast mobile payment, according to Ant Financial.
Alipay initiated its global services campaign in 2007. Users in nine countries and regions now have access to its mobile payment system, and 80 airports in over 40 countries and regions allow instant tax refunds via Alipay.
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency