Brazil’s media tech company: Chinese innovation story influences Brazilian businesses
Updated 18:02, 10-Nov-2018
By CGTN's Wang Yue
China is no longer a copycat of world and innovation stories.  Now, a Brazilian company has been influenced by China's new businesses, according to Ricardo Geromel, the chief executive officer (CEO) of a media tech company StartSe China.
StartSe is one of Brazil's leading media tech companies. They held a conference recently, where Chinese tech giants shared their experience.
"There are 2,000 people in Brazil learning about the new digital China. We brought people from Alibaba and some other unicorns. And key takeaway was that [we should] stop looking at China as a copycat of the world. This is not happening here. Innovation that has been born in China is going to impact the way Brazilians doing business," Geromel said, adding that attendees also realized that China is a good alternative for Brazilian export in terms of goods and services.
Ricardo Geromel (R), the chief executive officer (CEO) of a media tech company, StartSe China. / CGTN Photo

Ricardo Geromel (R), the chief executive officer (CEO) of a media tech company, StartSe China. / CGTN Photo

Figures from the World Bank showed that Brazil ranked the eighth largest economy in the world in 2017. However, as to unicorn the startups with a valuation of over one billion US dollars, Brazil has only two while China has over 160, according to Geromel. 
"And two Brazil unicorns are receiving investments from Chinese companies. So Brazilian investors are saying ‘Wait, why [were] so many unicorns born there? I should go there and find those soon-to-be-born unicorns, to invest them and bring them to Brazil'," he mentioned.
"I think I learned from investors that you don't build a company, you build a team, and then the team builds a company. The first thing they look at is the quality of entrepreneurs. I would say fintech and retail are the two leading areas where China is the world leader already," he added.