Eye-catching vehicles on display at Chicago auto show
By Daniel Williams

North America's largest auto show gets underway in Chicago this weekend. Ahead of that, automakers have been revealing a host of new cars. 

There was also a "Concept and Technology Garage", an area that looks to showcase some of the latest developments in the auto industry.

One of the eye-catching demonstrations features the new Dodge Charger Pursuit. A police car comes equipped with an officer protection package that alerts the driver to movement behind the vehicle.  

"Sadly at times, police are under attack. Police are getting ambushed in their cars," said David Callery, program manager of Chrysler's Police & Emergency Response Vehicles program.

"So we at Dodge came up with the officer protection package. If someone is approaching from the rear, first of all, the officer is going to hear an audible in the car, two, the windows will roll up and the doors will lock. Additionally, on the outside of the vehicle, the outboard tail lamps will flash and the rear lamps will come on."

Nissan Kicks DJ at the "Concept & Technology Garage". /CGTN Photo

Nissan Kicks DJ at the "Concept & Technology Garage". /CGTN Photo

The auto show aims to give visitors a much more hands-on experience – allowing people the chance to test out the latest cars. And there are also some more unusual looking vehicles on display. 

The modified Nissan Kicks car can transform into a full DJ party vehicle. Eric Shrimp, who works for Vehicle Effects, a company that developed the concept car with Nissan, said: "I wanted to take some of the pro audio and incorporate it and really make a sound machine that can tour sporting events, to concerts… it brings people in. People love them at the car shows. It gets a lot of attention and people look at the car in a different way."

But if you're more of a tailgate party kind of person, then the Toyota Tundra could be more to your liking.

It is equipped with a fully automated mobile pizza factory and is powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell electric powertrain. It also produces zero emissions. 

This Toyota truck comes with a fully automated pizza factory. /CGTN Photo

This Toyota truck comes with a fully automated pizza factory. /CGTN Photo

"Everybody loves a truck and everybody loves pizza so why not right?" said Marty Schwerter, who works for Toyota Racing and helped design the vehicle.

"It came about because the CEO of Toyota and the CEO of Pizza Hut started discussing the possibilities of having freshly baked pizzas at your doorstep and doing it with very low or no carbon emissions. We probably scrapped 50 or 60 pizzas and then it's like oh my god, we made one, every bit of it works."

In a pizza-loving city like Chicago, this truck could become the most popular attraction.