Canada eyes big opportunities from CIIE in Shanghai
Updated 14:22, 08-Nov-2018
Canada is expecting big opportunities from the China International Import Expo (CIIE), said Canadian Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay during an interview with CGTN.
"We truly hope it [the expo] will mean more open trade. We expect Canada will take advantage of that. It's so important that we expand trade both ways," MacAulay said.
The minister also said China is included in Canada's roadmap for success in trade, and the trade deal with the US and Mexico won't affect Canada-China trade.
"If somebody wishes to withdraw, they can withdraw," MacAuley said. "It will have no effect on our trade with China."
"We understand the importance of China. As I indicated, China is the second largest trading partner. We want to deal with China," said the agriculture minister.