China doesn't create debt traps for Belt and Road economies: spokesman
Updated 14:50, 04-Mar-2019
China attaches great importance to the debt issues and does not create any traps for economies along the Belt and Road, Zhang Yesui, spokesman for the second plenary session of the 13th National People's Congress said Monday in a press conference in Beijing.
"Of course, like other international cooperation initiatives, there will be some difficulties, problems, risks and challenges in the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative," Zhang said.
"However, with continuous improvement during the implementation of the initiative, I believe that the construction of the Belt and Road will certainly achieve better results for the people of the participating countries."  
The principle of the initiative is joint consultation, joint construction and sharing, Chinese authorities say. It is market-driven with the goal of achieving high-quality development. 
"I want to emphasize that no matter whether it is project selection or investment and financing cooperation, it is the decision jointly made by the participants," Zhang said. "China doesn't impose on project cooperation."
Last year, 67 countries along the Belt and Road signed cooperation agreements with China. So far, the number of countries and international organizations that have signed such agreements with China has reached 152.
The second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will be held in Beijing in April. "It is an important opportunity to further build consensus and promote cooperation. It is believed that with all parties' joint efforts, this forum will achieve fruitful results," Zhang said.