Elina Svitolina defeats Sloane Stephens to win 2018 WTA Finals
Updated 12:45, 01-Nov-2018
Elina Svitolina set out to "silence the haters" in Singapore this week, and after rallying to claim the WTA Finals title with a 3-6, 6-2, 6-2 victory over Sloane Stephens on Sunday, the Ukrainian hopes her critics will remain muted.
Svitolina's form nosedived in the second half of the year, and after sneaking into the eight-woman field courtesy of three early-season titles, the world number seven sensed her presence had been regarded as underserved in some quarters.
"Well, I have nothing to prove anymore to anyone," Svitolina said after recording the best win of her career.
"Yeah, that's definitely good statement for myself and a good boost of, can't say confidence, because I always try to have the confidence in myself. And to have it is my personality," the 24-year-old added.
Svitolina, who won the most prestigious tournament of her career at 24, has never passed the quarterfinals in Grand Slam (Roland Garros 2015 and 2017, Australian Open 2018). The WTA Finals now has thirteen titles on its list, including four won this season in Brisbane, Dubai, Rome and Singapore.
Svitolina shows excitement to win the first big tournament of her career in 2018 WTA Finals. /VCG Photo

Svitolina shows excitement to win the first big tournament of her career in 2018 WTA Finals. /VCG Photo

Looking back to her disappointing form prior to Singapore, Svitolina admitted she always believed she could rediscover her best tennis.
"I have been working really, really hard. Even though my results were not good since Wimbledon, I had four or five weeks where I was on the court and in the gym working the day after a loss," she added.
"I have been putting lots of work in this past five months. That's why my poor results were a little bit disappointing, and I was trying to stay positive because I was giving everything on the practice court and results were not what I expected."
"But I was staying very positive, and I think that's what made the difference this week. I was able to play well and to compete.”
Source(s): AFP ,Reuters