Rainbow arches over clearer Hukou Waterfall in N. China
Hu Chao, Cui Xiaoran
The Hukou waterfall in northern China is the world's largest yellow waterfall.
The 300-meter-wide Yellow River bed narrows to about 50 meters as it flows through the Hukou Mountains, increasing abruptly the velocity of water.
As turbulent rapids gush out of the mountains, they cascade into a narrow opening of a 15-meter cliff, creating masses of mist. The scenery, which resembles water being poured from a kettle, attracts throngs of visitors. This unique feature also inspired the name of the waterfall, which literally means "flask mouth."
The mist rising up in the air frequently brings about rainbows stretching over the water, with the most recent one spotted on Friday.
The water of the waterfall has recently become clearer as less rainfall at the upstream and reduced water volume of the mainstream slowed down the water flow, causing more sediments.