Manny Pacquiao's camp fears eye injury could end career
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Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao might have suffered a potentially career-ending detached retina in his left eye in beating Adrien Broner on Saturday, the New York Daily News reported on Monday.
Pacquiao stayed up all night after the Broner fight but complained on Sunday morning of pain and a loss of vision in his left eye, according to the report.
He was set to fly home to the Philippines on Monday for an exam by an eye specialist, according to the newspaper.
The 40-year-old fighter told friends after the fight he had lost some vision in his left eye, according to the report.
But the eye injury - possibly caused by loose tape on Broner's gloves - wasn't the only bad news for Pacquiao in an otherwise productive weekend.
Pacquiao, the first eight-division champion in boxing history, also was told by Los Angeles police that his home had been burglarized while he was in Las Vegas for the Broner fight, which he won by unanimous decision to keep his World Boxing Association regular welterweight title, a lesser throne to that of unbeaten American "super champion" Keith Thurman.
Pacquiao, who improved to 61-7 with two drawn and 39 knockouts after his win over Broner, has indicated that he will continue to fight even though he has obligations as a Philippines senator.
"I will ask my promoters who's next and we will announce that in proper time," promised Pacquiao, who said he would be more than willing to climb into the ring again with Floyd Mayweather in a bid to avenge his 2015 loss to the undefeated American which became the richest one-day sporting event in history.
"Tell him to come back to the ring and we will fight," Pacquiao said.
Source(s): AFP