Former Audi CEO to be released from custody on parole
Updated 08:33, 03-Nov-2018
Former chief executive of Audi, Rupert Stadler, who was arrested due to the diesel emissions scandal in June, will be released from custody on parole, the higher regional court of Munich announced on Tuesday.
Stadler will be released on bail and is not allowed to contact anyone relevant to the investigation. The former Audi CEO allegedly attempted to influence a witness in the investigation against Porsche during a wire-tapped telephone conversation.
The court in Munich will determine whether Stadler is guilty of fraud and "indirect false certification" of several hundred thousand sold diesel vehicles. The Munich State Prosecution Office already handed German luxury car maker Audi an 800-million-euro (910 million US dollars) regulatory fine.
Stadler had been chief executive of Audi for eleven years. Audi board member for sales and marketing, Bram Schot, is currently heading the company as provisional chairman.
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency