Shepherd rescues rare wild blue sheep in N China
An injured baby blue sheep had been rescued and is undergoing treatment in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
A local herdsman named Dabuxilatu found the animal lying on the ground as he was shepherding his sheep last week. Its legs were entangled in wires.
The shepherd immediately called forestry authorities for help.
"The shepherd found a small animal lying on the grassland when he was shepherding his sheep. Having no idea what it is, he took it home and called the forestry officers straight away," authorities said.
A blue sheep grazing. /VCG Photo

A blue sheep grazing. /VCG Photo

The animal was taken to a wildlife rescue center for treatment, where specialists confirmed it's a blue sheep.
The blue sheep is under state protection in China. They live in rocky areas and feed on grass, lichen, hardy herbaceous plants, and moss. As they are always on high alert, it is really rare to capture these creature on camera.
The wounded blue sheep will remain in the rescue center until it fully recovers and will then be released back into the wild.
(Cover image via VCG.)
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