China releases chips that can 'talk' to brain
Updated 21:36, 17-May-2019
By Ning Hong
China released its first computer chips that can read brain activity. 
The chip, named "Brain Talker," was released at The 3rd World Intelligence Congress held in Tianjin. The computer chip was jointly developed by Tianjin University and China Electronics Cooperation.
"This computer chip could identify minor nerve information from brain waves generated by the cerebral cortex, and then decode the command," said Ming Dong, director of Academy of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine, Tianjin University. 
"It will help to improve the communication efficiency between brain and machine," he added.
Brain-Computer Interface technology, also known as BCI, aims to build a connection between the brain with external devices. 
The "Brain Talker" may open the pathway for the civil use of portable and wearable BCIs in areas such as medical treatment, education, home life, and gaming, according to Cheng Longlong, a data scientist from China Electronics Corporation. 
China holds the fully independent intellectual property of the chip, and it could further boost the research on brain science and brain-like intelligence in China.