Russian triplets study in Xi'an, love taekwondo and Chinese culture
Updated 14:00, 08-Jun-2019
Liu Yang, Zhao Jing
They are three of a kind.
Grigorii, Boris and Aleksandr Shevelev used to practice taekwondo at home.
They still enjoy that and their other hobbies hundreds of miles from their hometown of Ufa, Russia.
Studying Chinese in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the 22-year old triplets find themselves carving out a new niche. 
They finished their undergraduate study in 2018, then moved to Xi'an together. They hope to master Mandarin in the next few years, then enroll in a master's program in engineering at Northwestern Polytechnical University.
The brothers say China, as an ancient civilization, is now in a stage of rapid development. This development has brought the nation more exchanges and cooperation opportunities with Belt and Road countries, such as Russia. 
They say Xi'an is where they have always wanted to study. All three of them admire Chinese traditional culture very much, particularly martial arts. Bruce Lee is their idol. 
Grigorii said that although they miss their families and friends back home, they understand that the distance can offer an exciting experience -  learning Chinese - a language now very popular around the world. They also want to finish post-graduate education here and live and work in China, as it's full of possibilities.
The three prove that relations between Russia and China just look promising.