Chinese scientists develop new moisture-wicking fabric
Updated 19:38, 17-Jan-2019
Chinese scientists have developed a new moisture-wicking fabric with ultrafast water evaporation and quick-dry performance.
Moisture-wicking fabric can pull moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the clothing. It dries quickly and provides a comfortable environment for the human body in hot or humid environments. There is a growing market demand for this material.
Scientists from Shanghai-based Donghua University developed an assembly strategy to create a biomimetic nanofibrous membrane with ultrafast evaporation and quick-dry performance.
It exhibits an outstanding water evaporation rate, 2.1 times that of Coolmax fabric, a popular moisture-wicking fabric currently on the market.
The research serves as a source of inspiration for the development of high-performance moisture-wicking fabric.
Besides sportswear, the research has applications in optimizing functional textiles such as wound dressing materials and diapers, according to the research team.
The research was published in the journal ACS Nano.
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Source(s): Xinhua News Agency