Former vice president of NBA China becomes CEO of CBA League Sports Co.
Li Xiang
The CBA League Sports Co. (CBA Co.) on Friday announced that Wang Dawei, a former senior vice president and chief marketing officer for NBA China, had been appointed the first CEO of the CBA Co. He will help the league's 20 clubs and the company's management team to work on improving the overall operation of China's top basketball league.
Wang's appointment was recommended by Yao Ming, chairman of the CBA Co. and approved by the board of directors. He will concentrate on brand image, competition management, fan engagement, business development and other sectors that can help the CBA and Chinese basketball carry out long-term, healthy development.
Yao Ming, chairman of the CBA League Sports Co. /VCG Photo

Yao Ming, chairman of the CBA League Sports Co. /VCG Photo

Yao said that the different reforms launched in competition, business development, brand promotion and other areas since the 2017-18 season have already born some results. For example, the general revenues of the league have continued to set new records. Wang's joining is a sign that the development of the CBA has entered 2.0 stage.
"I believe that with his rich experience in the international sports industry, unique Chinese sentiments and innovative thinking in product development, Wang will be able to help the CBA enhance its influence in various areas and further improve the league's brand values," said Yao.
Before Wang joined the CBA Co., he had been working with NBA China for over 10 years and was in charge of multiple core business areas including development and management of market strategy partnership, media sales, commodity authorization, theme retail, interactive games, brand promotion, data strategy and youth development. Many innovative programs came from Wang's hands and he made great contributions to the development of NBA China.
Zhang Chiju, CEO of NBA China /VCG Photo

Zhang Chiju, CEO of NBA China /VCG Photo

"We are truly grateful to Wang for his remarkable contributions to NBA China over the past 10 years. The NBA has been cooperating with the Chinese Basketball Association for a long time as partners in multiple sectors including national team building, coach and referee training. We expect more and closer cooperation in the future and NBA China will support the development of Chinese basketball as it has always done," said Zhang Chiju, CEO of NBA China.
Wang's working experience is not limited to basketball. Before NBA China, he worked with the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (BOCOG) for almost five years and responsible for merchandising of Olympic commodities and souvenirs, marketing and international cooperation. He was also selected as a torch bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics.