Asian Civilization Exhibition: Continent's cultural relics on display in Beijing
Updated 20:26, 16-May-2019
By Zhang Mengyuan, Ding Siyue
As a key part of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, an exhibition is going on at the National Museum of China in Beijing. Visitors can appreciate the splendid cultural treasures of ancient Asian civilizations on display.
More than 400 cultural relics from 47 Asian countries - as well as Greece and Egypt - are being displayed at the National Museum of China. It's the largest exhibition of its kind that China has ever seen, both in terms of the number of cultural relics shown and the area that the exhibit covers.
"The exhibition can help us learn more about our neighbors, and learn about ourselves. This will help us be more prosperous," said one visitor who did not give their name.
Visitors take photos of the exhibits. /VCG Photo

Visitors take photos of the exhibits. /VCG Photo

On display are some of the greatest artifacts from Asia's past, with various cultural relics reflecting the history of exchanges among civilizations along the ancient Silk Road.
Some precious Chinese cultural objects that are thousands of years old are also on display for visitors.
"I feel the excitement coming out from those years. We made such exquisite works at that time, and it makes me feel very proud to be a Chinese," said another visitor who also did not give their name.
The exhibition uses high-tech 3D-restoration, virtual reality and multi-media imaging to present Asian cultures more directly.