Beijing's new airport conducts first test flight
Beijing Daxing International Airport completed its first test flight when a plane for inspection landed steadily at the West One Runway at 10:10 a.m. on Tuesday.
It means the construction of Daxing Airport will enter the acceptance and handover stage.
A flight inspection is a pre-requisite for all new airports before put into use. This flight inspection starting on Tuesday will last till March 15, 2019.
This flight inspection is the most comprehensive one as it will acquire all the technical specification and information of the airport's communication, navigation, monitoring and other devices.
 Wei Gang, pilot of the first test flight, said that the crew conducted constant adjustment and check during the flight until navigation equipment of the airport reached normal status.
“We made a special checklist for the test flight,” Wei told CCTV. “For example, we conducted a borescope inspection on the plane's engine to check the condition of its interior.”
The flight inspection's completion means Daxing Airport's navigational aids used in aviation can be put into operation. 
Source(s): China Daily