Explore Shanghai's street food: City God Temple
Updated 18:57, 04-Nov-2018
By Ye Qing
‍The City God Temple of Shanghai, also known as Chenghuang Miao in Chinese, is a famous place of interest and historical view of Shanghai, which located in Yu Garden, Huangpu district, the most prosperous urban area in Shanghai.
It is a famous Taoist temple in Shanghai, with folk saying that if you go to Shanghai without going to Chenghuang Miao is to have never been to Shanghai.
Although the Chenghuang Miao is a well-known attraction in Shanghai, it has been redefined by tourists. When visitors mentioned Chenghuang Miao of Shanghai, they will think of places such as Yu Garden in Shanghai, or think of snacks or souvenirs at Chenghuang Miao. Follow the reporters of CGTN and explore your 10 US dollars delicious trip in Chenghuang Miao.
Built during the Yongle period (1403-1424) of the Ming Dynasty, the Chenghuang Miao has long been one of Shanghai's most popular temples.
The city god is the protector of the city in Taoism, and Chenghuang Miao is the Taoist temple that worships the city god of Shanghai, which was called "Yi Miao" by residents.
The City God Temple of Shanghai, October 1, 2018. /VCG Photo

The City God Temple of Shanghai, October 1, 2018. /VCG Photo

In the 1950s, the Chenghuang Miao, formerly known as "Yi Miao," was named as an administrative "Yi Miao" district in the city center of Shanghai, which fully illustrated the great influence of Chenghuang Miao.
Through the evolution of times, now, the temple's surrounding area and vicinity is a largely commercial district that hosts an array of shops, restaurants, teahouses, as well as annual temple fair events.

Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun

Located between Yu Garden and Chenghuang Miao, Yuyuan tourist mart is a tourist shopping center integrating tourism, commerce, and historical sites. From Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties to the early years of China, Yu Garden has been the political, economic and cultural center of Shanghai, and a unique cultural symbol and name card of this city.
The Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun mentioned in the video is a famous and popular delicacy originating from Nanxiang Town in the northern Jiading District of Shanghai. 
The Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant in Yu Garden originated in the reign of Emperor Guangxu, around 1900.
Dating back over 100 years, Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun features the typical Shanghai flavor. It is famous for its thin wrap, big stuffing, strong flavor, and tender meat.
The Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun. /VCG Photo

The Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun. /VCG Photo

The prepared buns with thin translucent wraps are like water chestnuts. At first looks at the buns, may start to feel hungry.
However, as reporters' suggestion in the video, if you are hasty, you will probably be hurt by the hot buns. 
Follow the tips for tasting this snack: bite carefully, sip the soup and dip into special Zhenjiang vinegar.