Tourists flock to Qatar National Pavilion at Beijing's Int'l Horticultural Expo
Updated 18:01, 05-May-2019
Wei Lynn Tang
I've only had a flight layover in Doha once and have never experienced the beauty and futuristic attractions the country of Qatar and its capital had to offer.
But here at the Beijing International Horticultural Expo, I managed to have a glimpse of just that.
Dr. Fayqa Ashkanani, the deputy general commissioner of Qatar Pavilion, told CGTN the Chinese tourists who have come to visit the pavilion had a good time so far, with smiles on their faces.
"This building really reflects the nature of Qatar, horticulture, history and traditional life in Qatar. It also represents our future and our modern technologies," she said.
"This is a gift to our Chinese friends. We made this with a Chinese theme in mind, to fit into the Expo. Through this, we hope Chinese people will have a chance to visit my country in the future."
For one, I am sold by the Souq Waqif – a local traditional market and famous tourist destination in Doha, where you can do anything from smelling various spices to buying clothes to trying out the Qataris' traditional wear for free.
I also had a chance to sit inside a "Majlis," a traditional Qatar living room while having a cup of Arabic coffee. It's a place where families gather and talk about life, and where people talk business.
I learned about how the locals regard the Sidra tree as their symbol of life. The trees are found all around Qatar's deserts and are known for their ability to live in the harshest environment in the hot and dry weather. 
For football and architecture lovers, you'll get to have a look at the layouts of the eight stadiums that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches. One of them, the Khalifa International Stadium, has been completed.
Qatar will also host the 2021 Horticultural Expo, and it is hoping to portray what the Expo may look like via this pavilion in Beijing.
A late-evening view of the Qatar National Pavilion at the Beijing International Horticultural Expo. /CGTN Photo

A late-evening view of the Qatar National Pavilion at the Beijing International Horticultural Expo. /CGTN Photo

Spanning over 2,000 square meters, the Qatar National Pavilion has one of the largest built-up areas and is also the highest constructed building of the Expo.
On the first day of the Expo, set to last from April 29 till October 7, Ashkanani said the pavilion received 10,000 tourists. For safety reasons, the pavilion takes in about 500 people at a time.