Vice Premier Liu He: China, U.S. agree to hold more trade talks
Updated 11:18, 11-May-2019
China and the U.S. have agreed to hold more talks on trade in Beijing in the future after the latest round of consultations ended in Washington.
While speaking with Chinese media, Liu He, Chinese vice premier and chief of the Chinese trade delegation, said that both sides had "honest" and "constructive" talks.
"We agree that both sides need to maintain a good momentum of continuing consultations despite obstructions," Liu told reporters, adding that he reckoned the talks "have not broken down." 
As for the future, Liu is "cautiously optimistic" about the talks.
The two sides have a consensus but also differences, Liu said, noting that China will not make compromises on principles.
China is strongly against levying more tariffs, which cannot help solve the trade issue nor benefit the two sides and the world, he said.
China expects the two sides to restrain from further escalation, according to Liu.
He also expressed confidence in China's economy to shoulder the pressure from trade tension.
Considering the recent economic performance and reform, from a middle and long term, "We are very optimistic about China's economy," Liu said.
Although faced by some pressure, China's economy will keep a stable and healthy development momentum, he said.