Where does the China-U.S. trade talk lead?
Updated 22:05, 13-Mar-2019
World Insight with Tian Wei
Negotiations between China and the United States are still underway. Chinese Vice Premier Liu has held a telephone conversation with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. The chief negotiators from both sides reportedly discussed key issues on the agenda, as well as how to move forward with the next step of their talks. 
CGTN Senior Correspondent Tian Wei on Tuesday interviewed Zhang Mao, the minister of the State Administration for Market Regulation. How does he see the latest development? What role does he think the State Administration for Market Regulation is able to play? 
"The China-U.S. trade negotiations are related to a lot of work of the State Administration for Market Regulation, such as intellectual property rights and the business environment. We need to update our ways of doing things with international practices to better advance globalization and to further integrate into the global system. China didn't have much experience in intellectual property right protection,'' said Zhang. 
Zhang said the China-U.S. trade negotiations would have a positive role in perfecting some previous practices to better integrate China into the global system, stressing that "we can learn from the world's best practices in order to encourage innovation and technological progress and to improve product quality. In that sense, the China-U.S. trade negotiations played a positive role." 
Zhang expressed that it would be difficult to predict the outcome of the negotiations.
"From the experience, we can learn what we need to improve and make our business rules and business environment more in line with international standards."
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