Rare black storks spotted in N China
Updated 10:23, 25-May-2019
Rare black storks were recently spotted wading gracefully through various waterways in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The birds were found at a reservoir in Bayannur City on Monday, according to a local wildlife protection center.
The black storks are preparing for their breeding season.
Black stork. /VCG Photo

Black stork. /VCG Photo

"We found more than 40 black storks at Langshan Reservoir in Urad Middle Banner this year. Every April, they come here for breeding and leave in October," said Fan Qing, who works at the Urad Middle Banner Wildlife Protection Center.
Black storks are found either alone or in pairs in shoals or marshy lands.
Two black storks. /VCG Photo

Two black storks. /VCG Photo

As a large wading bird, the black stork relies heavily on the environment during their breeding, migration and wintering periods.
Being under first-class state protection in China, there are only a little over 3,000 black storks around the world, with around 1,000 inhabiting in China.
Black stork. /VCG Photo

Black stork. /VCG Photo

Video clips also show a black stork passing by an infrared camera that was placed by the state forestry administration of northeast China's Greater Xing'an Mountains.
(Cover image via VCG.)
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