China's railway trips up 8.6% in first 15 days of travel rush
The number of train tickets sold in China rose by 8.6 percent year on year to 143 million during the first 15 days of the annual travel rush around Spring Festival, the biggest holiday in the country.
On January 26, more than 10.49 million passenger trips were made by rail, a daily record for the travel rush, data from the China Railway Corporation (CRC) showed.
Hundreds of millions of Chinese are on their way back home for family reunion during the Chinese Lunar New Year.
The annual travel rush (chunyun) around the holiday often puts the transport system to the test.
As more trains have been put into operation, railway transport capacity improved by 5.3 percent this year during the travel rush, according to the CRC.
The Spring Festival travel rush started from January 21 and will last till March 1, with railway trips expected to hit 413 million in total, up 8.3 percent.
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency