Xi pledges peaceful reunification but vows to defeat 'Taiwan independence'
Updated 10:45, 05-Jan-2019
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday pledged to uphold the one-China principle and the peaceful reunification of China but warned that the mainland will not give up on using force to defeat "Taiwan independence."  
Xi said the mainland is willing to offer the greatest sincerity and efforts to reach peaceful reunification but stands firm to oppose "Taiwan independence," reiterating the necessity of safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
He said the mainland will not give up on using force to defeat separatists and their activities, but stressed that such acts are not targeting Taiwan compatriots.
He made the remarks at a meeting in Beijing marking the 40th anniversary of the mainland's "Message to Compatriots in Taiwan". Issued by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on January 1, 1979, the "Message" first proposed ending the military confrontation across the Strait through dialogue and welcomed exchanges between the two sides.
Upholding the one-China principle is the political foundation of cross-Strait relations, which improves ties and brings benefits to people on both sides, Xi added.
Reunification is a historical trend and the right path, Xi reiterated, warning that "Taiwan independence" is a dead end.
There will be no room for any "Taiwan independence" activities, he added.