China, Japan deepen cooperation on energy, trade, finance and transportation
Updated 15:14, 30-Oct-2018
By CGTN's Liu Yang, Ding Chaoyi
On the second day of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to China, multiple business leaders gathered on Friday afternoon to discuss third-party market opportunities, with representatives from sectors including energy, transportation, and finance sharing their thoughts. 
Akihiko Usui, director and president of Mitsubishi Electric Power & Electrical Infrastructure Systems (Beijing) Co., expressed pride in the relationship between the two countries. "I want to congratulate those who convened this meeting, and I'm proud of the 40th anniversary of the treaty of friendship between China and Japan. Chinese enterprises have made many technological breakthroughs. In some aspects, they have even surpassed their Japanese counterparts. In the future, we hope that our cooperation in the third- party market will get better and better."
Manabu Takamisaw, director of Japan-China Economics Association, talked about bilateral cooperation in the energy sector, saying, "China and Japan have collaborated well in the energy sector over the years, and we have a lot of room for more cooperation. Many aspects are technical and cost issues, and China and Japan need to give play to their advantages in working together." 
"The theme of this conference is excellent," noted Uehara Tokuhei, the chief representative of TIS Inc. Beijing Representative Office. "We are taking our technology to third-party countries to expand the market and provide services for those countries. For example, our Chinese and Japanese companies are already exploring the Thai market."
On Friday, Abe also met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and visited Peking University, for the promotion of active exchanges between teenagers from the two countries.