VOXPOP: Buying to throw away? Are you a rational shopper?
Updated 15:58, 05-Dec-2018
Qi Jianqiang, Chen Shi, Zhouyun
Shopping has become so easy in China that one can go on a buying spree without leaving the comfort of their living room. The advent of e-commerce and mobile payment in the country has helped shoppers surrender to their impulses and get good bargains online with the touch of a button.
During this year's Singles' Day on November 11, a 24-hour online shopping extravaganza, shoppers spent a record-shattering 213.5 billion yuan (30.7 billion U.S. dollars) on Taobao, the shopping platform of e-commerce mammoth Alibaba.
The spending binge not only reflects Chinese consumers' increasingly deep pockets, but also signals the country's opening market where foreign brands and local household names vie for consumers' attention, and wallets.
Has technology changed people's shopping habits in China? Are Beijing residents impulsive or informed buyers? CGTN took to the streets to ask people about how they shop.
Director: Qi Jianqiang, Chen Shi, Zhouyun
Editor: Qi Jianqiang, Chen Shi
Filmed by: Qi Jianqiang
Designer: Zhang Xuecheng, Chen Shi
Article Written by: Chen Shi
Copy Editor: Nadim Diab
Producer: Wen Yaru
Chief Editor: Wang Dewei
Supervisor: Pang Xinhua