Authentic business data key to better understand China, says official
Updated 20:18, 08-Jan-2019
Improving the authenticity of data for the fourth national economic census will help capture the latest changes and features of the Chinese economy, offering more insights on China, a Chinese official said on Friday.
Measures should be taken to ensure that registrations for the census go smoothly and that there will be strengthened data quality control, noted Han Zheng, Chinese vice premier and head of a leading group overseeing the census.
"The original data must be authentic and reliable so as to conduct a high-quality examination of the national economy," Han said during an inspection of the census work in Beijing on Friday.
The census will cover all companies in the secondary sector – manufacturing and construction – and the tertiary or service sector, surveying their financial situation, production capacity, wages, energy consumption and research and development.
Han demanded census workers conduct investigations and reports independently and guard against any interference, noting that personal and business secrets of subjects involved in the census must be protected.
China's fourth national economic census entered its registration phase on the first day of 2019. The survey is launched every five years and paints a wide picture of China's economy.
(With input from Xinhua)