eSports league requests 'corrective action' over alleged racism
Li Xiang
The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) on Wednesday demanded that one of its teams, Echo Fox, remove associated individuals who had allegedly used racist slurs within 60 days or the team would face trouble in the league.
"The LCS has concluded its preliminary investigation into the alleged comments made by a member of the Echo Fox ownership group. Hate speech, threats, and bigotry have no place in the LCS. We have directed Echo Fox to take appropriate corrective action within 60 days," lolesports posted on Twitter.
"If Echo Fox does not take action by removing any individuals whose actions violate league rules and agreements within the required time period, the League will take formal action that may adversely impact the future of Echo Fox in the LCS," said Chris Greeley, commissioner of the LCS.
According to a report by Dexerto last week, Rick Fox, former player of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers and founder of Echo Fox, threatened to quit in April after shareholder Amit Raizada had admitted using racist language in an email sent to CEO Jace Hall. 
Rick Fox, founder of eSports team Echo Fox /VCG Photo

Rick Fox, founder of eSports team Echo Fox /VCG Photo

As the report hit the Internet, Riot Games, the company that developed the video game League of Legends (LOL) said it would launch an investigation into the case. After less than a month, Riot Games concluded the preliminary investigation, and then came the announcement by the LCS.
So far the LCS has not specify what moves they will consider "corrective." Nor did it give any details about how the league planned to do what could "adversely impact the future of Echo Fox in the LCS." Generally, the announcement sounded like "either Echo Fox cuts the bad staff, or the league cuts Echo Fox."
According to PC Gamer, removing Raizada won't be easy because of the "complicated financial situation" of his investment in Echo Fox. However, if the team is on the edge of being kicked out the world's top eSports league, it should be better motivated to figure out a solution.