Premier Li: More attention on senior services, sufficient child care
Updated 13:30, 15-Mar-2019

A survey suggests issues related to age and child care are major difficulties in China, and this must draw close attention from the government, said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during Friday's press conference.

Premier li made the remarks at a press conference after the closing session of the National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

According to Premier Li, the number of senior citizens aged 60 has reached 250 million in China, the number for those at or above 65 is 170 million. Up to 100 million children in China are below six years old. "Services targeting these populations are still woefully lacking,” he said.

Li has also said the government would develop innovative mechanisms to better match people's supply and market demand. 

"In terms of policy support – we may provide public rental housing units to private actors to provide services such as mobility, daycare, etc. Tax breaks may be provided to these service providers in terms of expenses on water, electricity and natural gas," he said.

The main job of the government is to ensure fair market access and enhanced market oversight to ensure these services are both safe and reliable, Li added.