Skiing ticket sales in Chongli surpass one million in 2018-19 season
Li Xiang
Government of Chongli district of Zhangjiakou city of north China's Hebei Province announced on Wednesday that the skiing ticket sales of seven local skiing resorts in the past 2018-19 skiing season reached 1.07 million, which is the first time that the number has surpassed million.
According to local tourist official Liang Lifang, Chongli in the 2018-19 skiing season received 2.81 million tourist visits, domestic and overseas in total. The district has 169 courses with a total length of 162 kilometers in addition to 67 different ropeways that are in total 44.5 kilometers long.
The growing tourism also brought Chongli more opportunities to host various skiing competitions. Last season, the district held 13 FIS (International Ski Federation) top skiing tournaments and 60 domestic and international public skiing events in 101 days.
"The improvement of skiing industry in Chongli provided a lot of professional staff for event hosting, bringing more and more high-standard competitions to the district. It's a mutually promoting process," said Yu Jinhe, a local public service consultant.
Tourists ski at a resort of Chongli, Zhangjiakou City of north China's Hebei Province. /VCG Photo

Tourists ski at a resort of Chongli, Zhangjiakou City of north China's Hebei Province. /VCG Photo

The first skiing resort in Chongli was born in 1996. Back then, the district only received several thousand skiing tourist visits every year. The growth sped up in 2003 when the visits broke 40,000. After 2009, there were over 200,000 tourist visits going to Chongli for skiing trips annually, and that number grew every year.
Since Beijing became the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the good news was a major stimulus to the development of Chongli's skiing industry. Some resorts even saw their tourist visits double year by year.
Chongli will be hosting many competitions for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The district has been learning a lot from the development of the local skiing industry and collecting experience in hosting skiing competitions.