Tips for succulent care during winter
Updated 16:49, 10-Jan-2019
By Ding Qian, Zhang Xinrui
Growing succulents during the winter could be a bit tricky, but with some tips you can take better care of your succulent collection.
But first, read through the following quiz and see how good have you already been at growing succulents.
Inforgraphic by Zhang Xuecheng

Inforgraphic by Zhang Xuecheng

If the succulents you are planting are winter-hardy varieties such as Ice Plant and Yucca, then you don't need to worry about extra winter care. But if your plants are less hardy varieties, then some extra care is definitely needed.
Here are some tips:
1. Keep the soil as dry as possible; water your succulents when they are completely dry. Watering too frequently is the fastest way to kill succulents.
2.  Make sure your succulents get enough sunlight. Place them near the brightest window in your home. At least eight hours of bright and indirect sunlight is needed each day to maintain the shape of succulents.
3. Make sure there is adequate air circulation, so the winter dampness could be kept low.
4. Use well-draining soil instead of regular soil; choose a pot with a drainage hole. Soggy soil is harmful for succulents, add sand or increase water drainage to help your succulents survive the winter.
5. Keep your succulents well-maintained by removing as many dead leaves as possible. Use your fingers or garden tools to prevent succulents from rotting.
6. Remove the bugs. The most common succulent pest is mealybugs. Ants and spiders are frequent visitors too. Remove them to keep your succulents healthier indoors.
7. Cover tender succulents when the weather is freezing, make sure the cover does not touch the leaves and remove the cover as soon as possible. Succulents need air circulation and sunlight.
With attention and care, succulents can defeat the bitter cold.