'Real Time China' Day 4 Vlog: Touring Henan Province aboard CGTN bus
Updated 22:23, 12-Dec-2018
Yang Xinmeng
A group of CGTN reporters departed on Wednesday from home base aboard a bus refurbished to double as a studio on wheels. In the next 10 days, they'll make their way through the length of China, from Beijing to Shenzhen, the birthplace of the country's economic miracle.
"Real Time China" is a special series to mark the 40th anniversary of the country's reform and opening-up policy. Joining the ride is CGTN's Digital Reporter Yang Xinmeng who is documenting her road trip across cities, highways and tunnels.
The fourth day was mostly spent inside the bus. The crew, along with our new guests, headed to Luming Lake Park in Xuchang City to see and learn more about the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. With the massive scheme, Xuchang was transformed from a city suffering from lack of water resources to a National Ecological Garden City.
Our next stop for the day was a company that had kept my hunger pangs in check and stomach satiated while on the road. Shuanghui is the largest meat processing base in China, and for the past few days, everyone on the bus has been snacking on its chicken sausages.
Day 4 is over, six more to go as we explore the cities that have played a crucial role in China's reform and opening-up journey.
(Video by Huang Yichang)