Chinese woman reunited with family after 15-year memory loss
Updated 20:25, 05-Jan-2019
A Chinese woman from central China's Hubei Province, lost her memory and led a new life for 15 years before she was reunited with her family on the New Year's Eve.
The woman named, Wei Xiuli, recalled what happened in 2003.
She claims that she lost her memory after she got injured while escaping a fire that broke out in a factory where she worked in Shenzhen, southeast China's Guangdong Province.
Wei woke up disillusioned with no earlier memory of her life. She gradually recovered with her colleague Chen who took care of her and later married her.
Then, the couple moved to Huanggang in central China's Hubei Province.
Wei cries while reuniting with her father after 15 years. / Weibo Photo

Wei cries while reuniting with her father after 15 years. / Weibo Photo

"They said I had been married before and even had a daughter. I don't remember any of these," Wei told 
The only clue that Wei had about her past life was a faded photograph of a man with three children and an identity card with her name, year of birth and a village address in Lichuan City of Hubei Province.
Wei decided to find her birth family after 15 years. She arrived in Lichuan City with her old ID card and sought police help to find her relatives. However, the police soon found out that her ID card was fake and had no genuine information.
But the police team decided to reunite Wei with her family, the photograph was circulated in the village and Wei was taken to meet the villagers where a 60-year-old woman recognized the man in the picture as Lin from another village called Mabao.
During the investigation, police managed to get in touch with Lin's son who confirmed that he lost his sister many years ago.  
Upon meeting, Lin's son immediately recognized Wei and broke down in tears. 
The man in the faded picture was Wei's father and the three children were Wei's daughter and nephews. Wei had gotten married before she lost her memory and her first husband had been looking after their daughter alone since she left.
Wei's daughter is now in college with whom she spoke over the phone. Wei plans to meet her daughter soon.
(Cover Photo: Weibo Photo)