Experts call for trust between China and US
By CGTN’s Gao Songya and Jin Yang
Experts from around the world have welcomed the arrival in China of a US trade delegation and expressed hope that the two governments could have better communication and establish more trust during the visit.
Ayo Oyelowo, a Nigerian current affairs commentator, said that “the Americans have come to realize that they will rather work with the Chinese than fight against the Chinese.”
China has contributed more economic benefits to the US than the Trump administration has suggested, as the bilateral trade relationship supports roughly 2.6 million jobs in the US based on Oxford Economics’ research. 
Oyelowo also repeated that closer cooperation, rather than fighting, between the two largest economies will benefit the world. Nobody wants a trade war between Chinese and Americans, “because we all be losers on the long ground,” he said
Experts have also warned repeatedly that increasing trade tensions would hurt everyone.
According to Oxford Economics, US consumer prices are one percent to 1.5 percent lower thanks to cheaper Chinese imports. Sebastian Bitar, a professor at Los Andes University, warned that living costs would rise if the protectionism measures continue.
Miguel Daoud, a Brazilian agricultural economy analyst, said that tightened tariff measures cannot be good for any country, including the US, noting that tariffs would only break the balance between supply and demand, and thus stir up prices.
Daoud also said that the decision to launch punitive measures against China was not fully based on fact. Official data shows that China-US trade has risen from nearly 80.5 billion US dollars in 2001 to 583.7 billion US dollars in 2017, since China's entry into the WTO.
"President Donald Trump is not doing it for the benefit of the American people, he's just doing it to distract people from noticing how struggled he is dealing with domestic affairs," Daoud added.