Chinese Terminology: Yellow Bull Party
Updated 08:40, 13-Dec-2018
By Wang Qiwei, Sun Zhifu
Buy low, sell high. If you want to get tickets for a show that's sold out, scalpers may be your only choice. 
Fast cash and hot tickets are synonymous with the group known as the “yellow bull party.” Although the name sounds like a mysterious underground organization, it actually refers to a group of scalpers in China. The name conjures up a chaotic scene of people grabbing goods and tickets, as though they're at a bullfight. 
Shortly after China started its reform and opening-up course, the country adopted a dual-track pricing system during its economic transition. 
At that time, some goods were still rare. Under this system, companies that hit their production quotas could sell their surplus goods at market prices. And many tried to secure profits by purchasing a product at a lower price before selling it higher. 
This old phenomenon has disappeared. But scalpers today are selling new things – train tickets during the Spring Festival travel rush, concert tickets, and even hospital appointments. Although the government has rolled out measures to clamp down on these activities, a few members of the “yellow bull party” can still be found outside busy stadiums or train stations.
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