China's bronze art master takes his works to Berlin
Updated 21:39, 15-Dec-2018
By Zhang Mengyuan
Chinese bronze art is on show in Berlin. Sixteen bronze sculptures from China's bronze art master Zhu Bingren are being exhibited in the "Chinese Intangible Culture Heritage: Bronze Art Exhibition" that began this week.
Bronze holds special meanings in Chinese culture. The Bronze Age, starting around 1700 BC, had a great impact on the development of civilization of the nation. For the exhibition in Berlin, Zhu Bingren wants to show people in other nations China's history through his sculptures.
"In China, we call bronze-ware 'heavy ware'. And bronze culture represents a part of history that was passed on from our ancestors. But what should we leave for our future generations? I'm thinking I want to leave our bronze art, bronze architecture and contemporary bronze culture to them," said Zhu.
The works at the exhibition include Zhu Bingren's creations on a variety of topics. Visitors said his sculptures show respect for China's traditions, as well as innovative creativity. Across countries, artists can communicate through their work. Many said they are impressed by and feel a connection with, the modern bronze art techniques in China.
"To be honest, Europeans do not give much recognition to contemporary Chinese art or hold it in high regard. But I'm very excited and touched by this exhibition because we share connections through ideas on art. This gives me more confidence in my future creations. And we also feel that China's contemporary art will definitely have its own position on the world stage," said Zhu.
Among the works on display is one named "Soul of the Old Summer Palace," which calls for the return of China's lost cultural relics... and "Top of the Trees" shows respect for China's scenery as well of Zhu Bingren's understanding of Chinese philosophy, culture and spirit. Each work shows a skillful technique and delicate details.
The show will run till January 15.