Premier Li: Dialogue and cooperation, the mainstreams for China and U.S.
As long as the two sides (China and the U.S.) adhere to the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, they will achieve the positive results, Premier Li Keqiang said Thursday.
Premier Li made the remarks while meeting with representatives from industry, commerce, finance, media and think tanks attending the 2019 annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia.
China-U.S. relations have brought enormous benefits to their people and have made important contributions to world peace, stability, and development, Li said. "Although there are some differences between the two sides, dialogue and cooperation have always been the mainstreams."
VCG Photo

VCG Photo

Regarding China's medical and health care policies, Premier Li said that China has a huge pharmaceutical market, and welcomes foreign pharmaceutical companies expand their research investment in China, to develop safe and suitable medicines for Chinese people. 
"The Chinese government will shorten the approval time for new medicines, speed up the market launching, so as to benefit patients sooner," Li said.
Premier Li also stressed the importance of efficient tax cuts in boosting economic development. 
China's economy has been going smoothly since the beginning of 2019, and the market expectations have been improved. However, challenges still exist and can't be underestimated amid the complex environment, according to Premier Li. 
Premier Li Keqiang (L) and former UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon (R) at the meeting. /Photo via

Premier Li Keqiang (L) and former UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon (R) at the meeting. /Photo via

"China has a huge market of 1.4 billion consumers, and over 100 million main market players, as long as we can keep on energizing them, Chinese economy's long-term positive development can be assured," said Premier Li. 
"In 2019, China will cut taxes of 2 trillion yuan, and the government is determined to let the companies enjoy the substantial tax benefits," Li said. 
Li further emphasized that any irregularities of charging additional fees under different items from the enterprises will be punished accordingly. 
Regarding the cooperation between China and Japan in the automotive industry, Li Keqiang pointed out that China is accelerating the development of new industries such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, hydrogen energy, and providing a better market environment for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. 
"This provides important opportunities for companies from all over the world, including Japanese companies. All are welcome to come to China to carry out innovative cooperation and achieve common development," Li said.