Macao to regulate use of national, regional flags, emblems, national anthem

Macao has drafted an administrative regulation on the use of national and regional flags and emblems, and the national anthem in the Special Administrative Region (SAR), said the government news release issued on Friday.

The Executive Council of Macao SAR on Friday has concluded its discussion of the draft regulation, titled "Concrete provisions concerning the use of National and Regional Flags and Emblems and the instrumental and vocal performance of the National Anthem".

The draft regulation makes an adjustment to the rules on the places where and the days when the national and regional flags are displayed or hoisted, the places where national and regional emblems are placed, and the occasions when the national anthem is performed instrumentally and vocally.

The draft regulates that national and regional flags should be displayed or hoisted daily in the official residence of the SAR chief executive, government headquarters, border controls and inspection posts, Macao International Airport, the Legislative Assembly, courts and procuratorates, and the maritime passenger terminals.

The new draft regulation is made according to a bill passed by Macao's legislature on January 24, 2019, to amend its national flag, emblem and anthem law made in 1999. The draft will come into force since June 1, 2019.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency