2018 in review: 'Epic' American midterms
Updated 18:11, 31-Dec-2018
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The American people handed over their first official verdict on Donald Trump's two-year presidency on November 6, 2018. Republicans extended their Senate majority to 53-47 over Democrats in the elections, while Democrats unseated Republicans in the House of Representatives, resulting in a split Congress. Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the "epic victory" for Republicans.
It was the first time that Democrats regained the House but not the Senate in midterm elections since the Great Depression, widening the political polarization in Washington. And for Democrats, the elections were a triumph of diversity, with a record number of women, Native Americans and Muslims running for office.
In the coming years, Republicans and Democrats will continue their parlor game, contending to get their own voice heard on myriad conundrums, notably in immigration, healthcare, tax cuts, and trade.