Xi-Trump phone talks a positive sign: expert
Updated 22:51, 05-Nov-2018
By CGTN's Hu Binyi
Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed issues of common interest over the phone with his US counterpart Donald Trump on Thursday, in what Liu Zhiqin, from the Chongyang Institute for financial studies at Renmin University of China, said was an important signal from both sides.
"This phone conversation sends an optimistic sign. First, the top leaders of both countries agreed to have a phone call, which is to keep coordination. And second, both officials and teams agreed on discussing disputed matters, so this (is a) very good signal that both sides have agreed to find a solution," Liu said.
In a tweet, Trump noted he was looking forward to meeting Xi at the upcoming G20 Summit, adding that the US pays a lot of attention to their business cooperation and would continue to expand its exports to China.
As a result, Asian markets rallied on Friday. Liu said the yuan and stock market prices are giving a positive response.
The Trump administration has taken a tough stance on China in recent months, accusing it of forced technology transfer and unfair trading practices. Liu said this was a tactic by Washington.
"I don't think it is surprising to society. We all know America is used to taking soft and hard approaches when trying to get goals and targets, so I think that's why the Justice Department has announced such cases."
"We do our best to get the best results, but we should prepare (for) the worst outcome," Liu added.