Armenian PM: We should focus on things that connect us
World Insight with Tian Wei
Today's brewing trade tensions have an impact on everyone in a globalized world said the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Most economies depend on a multilateral framework, which means cooperation is of vital importance to protecting everyone's interests, Pashinyan told CGTN on the sidelines of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).
"I think it is a very very difficult time for the international situation, but I think we need to bring our resources together to make our world more stable and more predictable. I think we need to concentrate on our mutual challenges on global security and fight terrorism and extremism," Pashinyan said.
Against the backdrop of trade frictions, Pashinyan believed that we should focus more on things that connect us. "There are many different countries in our world with different interests with different values, but there are also many mutual values, challenges, and mutual interests. So we need to concentrate on the mutual fields and not to concentrate too much on the differences between our views," he said.
China and Russia have seen intense interactions in recent years and signed a slew of deals during SPIEF. What does that mean for a country like Armenia when its neighbors – China and Russia – are getting closer? 
"As a chair country in the Eurasian Economic Union, we are very interested in cooperation between different projects and different organizations. We have very good relations with China and Russia, (and) we have very good relations with the European Union. I think the idea is the same, to create the proper atmosphere for global cooperation and for global compromise and global respect and I think it is a very positive move to see the leaders of Russia and China discussing world issues," Pashinyan told CGTN.
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