CCTV-4K channel promoted at audience event
Updated 12:54, 13-Nov-2018
By Gao Yun
China Media Group (CMG) held a branding event for its new 4K Ultra HD channel on Thursday in a bid to increase the audience for the service.
CMG launched CCTV 4K Ultra HD channel on October 1, and have broadcast a variety of programs including documentaries, sports events, variety shows, TV series and cartoons.
CCTV staff watched 4K programs together with an audience in Shanghai.
There is still a gap between 4K technology and the public. It requires the efforts from both the media and audience to address the problem, according to CCTV anchor Wen Jing.
"As media workers, we need to speed up the application of technology in TV programs," she added and hoped that audience can learn about 4K technology and find content in it.
Directors and producers from CCTV also spoke with the participants and showed them the production process and visual fidelity of 4K programming.
The audience said the 4K Ultra HD technology provided an immersive feeling. /CCTV Photo

The audience said the 4K Ultra HD technology provided an immersive feeling. /CCTV Photo

The crowd were impressed by the technology, with one person in the audience commenting: "It gives you an immersive feeling, even, I think, is better than being there in person."
"We have seen that 4K is a trend in sports broadcasting, whose prime goal is to provide more live events and reproduce what's being broadcast. More lively and direct, that's what our audience needs," said Zhang Bin, anchor from sports channel CCTV 5.
Zhang Bin, anchor from CCTV 5 /CCTV Photo

Zhang Bin, anchor from CCTV 5 /CCTV Photo

The 4K Ultra HD channel is an initiative by CMG to implement an innovation-driven development strategy, further integrate culture and technology, and better meet the needs of the audience.
A total of 15 Chinese municipalities and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang now have access to the channel.