DRC Turmoil: Goverment says rebels planned a coup
The Democratic Republic of Congo has seen a spate of jail breaks. Authorities have seized dozens of people it claims are responsible. Hundreds, including rebels, were freed as a result.  The government says the group had planned to overthrow the government. CGTN's Chris Ocamringa has more from the capital, Kinshasa. 
Members of the Bundu Dia Kongo militia-here they are better known for their initials BDK. The group is seeking to restore a pre-colonial kingdom in the western part of the country, as well as parts of Angola and Gabon. But now they stand accused of attempting to unseat president Kabila's government. 
PIERROT MWANAMPUTU DRC POLICE SPOKESPERSON  "We arrested these assailants near Ndjil International Airport. They were planning to attack the airport. They came from different routes to try and capture the state broadcaster RTNC and announce the overthrow of the government of the democratic republic of Congo." 
CHRIS OCAMRINGA KINSHASA  "The members in custody could face charges ranging from terrorism to the attempt to overthrow a legitimate government- all treasonable offenses that carry the maximum death penalty-the police say files against the suspects will soon be submitted to the courts for prosecution." The group holds strong spiritual beliefs. In their possession are a few rusty guns, sticks catapults and fetishes. They should be no match to the Congolese. But the government says the group is responsible for several deaths of police and military officers. BDK is accused for attempting another prison break in the outskirts of Kinshasa-12 people were killed there. The government blames this man for giving a false hope of invincibility to his followers.   
PIERROT MWANAMPUTU DRC POLICE SPOKESPERSON  "This is one of their spiritual leaders. He indoctrinates them into believing that they can fight and defeat armed government troops.We found two suitcases in his house with lots of fetishes."In January 2007, the group demonstrated against provincial elections which led to violent clashes with the police and the army. 134 people died in those clashes. Chris Ocamringa, CGTN, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.