China's premiere ballet company performs in Madrid
Updated 19:57, 31-May-2019
By Wang Wei
Performed by China's prestigious Central Ballet Troupe, the Red Detachment of Women won high acclaim from critics and the local theater-goers at a recent performance at the Canal Theater in Madrid, Spain. 
The Red Detachment of Women was the opening show at the 33rd Madrid International Dance Festival. During the gathering of top ballet companies from across the world, the Chinese classic held its own with its distinctive charm.
According to the company's director Feng Ying, the production is unique in how it embodies Chinese spirit in a Western art form.
“You can see the spirit of the Chinese nation in the story and the sensitivity of its characterization. The dancing vocabulary is markedly Western, but the feelings are entirely Chinese. It's a perfect blend of the East and West,” said Feng.  
Based on the 1961 film by the same name, The Red Detachment of Women ballet premiered more than 50 years ago in 1964. The music and choreography, which features elements of China's artistic traditions, has stood the test of time and still feels invigoratingly fresh.
The Central Ballet Troupe, also known as the National Ballet of China, has been the country's leading ballet company since its founding in the 1950s.
Aida Gomez, artistic director of Madrid Dance Festival said: “This is the first visit to Spain by the Central Ballet Troupe. It's high time that Madrid audiences gained a better understanding of the culture of China. Ballet is a wonderful means of communication among peoples. Just like 'Swan Lake' and 'The Nutcracker,' their show is simply wonderful. It's definitely a terrific experience for the audience."
Over the years, the troupe has brought its indigenous Chinese ballet performances to audiences all over the world.