Michelin-starred food in London comes to a street near you
CGTN Global Business, Nawied Jabarkhyl
Street food is attracting a large number of fans in the British capital, London. A Michelin-starred restaurant has set up an outlet at Dinerama, a huge industrial-styled street food market in London's Shoreditch. The restaurant's owner said that the move is to attract more young diners as street food is becoming increasingly popular. 
From outside it looks almost disused, but Dinerama is becoming a new hub in London for street food. The latest business to join the scene is the Pied à Terre, one of London's longest standing Michelin fine dining restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan menus.
"If we don't change, we won't be there for the next generation of Millennials -- they won't come and eat," said David Moore, the restaurant's owner.
The average price in the new outlet will be less than 10 percent of the price on its traditional menu, but Moore denied the concern that the affordability of street food could be cheapening the brand.
Moore added that the new street food concept provided a huge opportunity to keep evolving as a business. "The concept helps us to meet the changing demands of customers wanting to sample bold new flavors in unique locations around London like street food markets," he noted.