'Batman','Star Trek' collectibles to be auctioned
Updated 09:18, 05-Nov-2018
A longtime TV memorabilia collector is putting props and costumes from "Batman","Star Trek" and other shows up for auction.
James Comisar said 400 items from his collection will be for sale. That includes the The Riddler's green jacket from the first episode of "Batman" and a protective glass "bat shield" from the camp 1960s series.
Also going on the block are the egg-shaped spaceship from "Mork & Mindy", a bag of Walter White's fake drugs from "Breaking Bad" and a stalking costume worn by the titular serial killer in "Dexter".
More than 50 lots of "Star Trek" costumes, sketches, jewelry and correspondence acquired from series costume designer William Ware Theiss will be part of the sale. Among them is the toga worn by William Shatner's Capt. Kirk in a kissing scene with Nichelle Nichols' Lt. Uhura.
A robe from "Star Trek: the original series" is to be auctioned. /Screenshot via propstore.com

A robe from "Star Trek: the original series" is to be auctioned. /Screenshot via propstore.com

Comisar said he has been collecting TV-related items for 30 years and hopes to see a museum built to house the items and honor television history. The memorabilia is stored in a climate-, light- and humidity-controlled warehouse.
With the industry slow to support his dream, Comisar said he decided to "share amazing pieces with collectors and fans who have always valued these shows" and care for them properly.
Prop Store, a film and TV memorabilia company, is hosting the auction on December 1 at its Southern California facility. Items can be viewed online and bids placed on auction day by phone or on the Prop Store website.
(Cover: This image released by the Comisar Collection shows costumes worn by characters Captain Kirk and Spock from the "Star Trek" TV series, which are among 400 items from his memorabilia collection up for auction on December 1, 2018. /AP Photo)
Source(s): AP