Six-year-old Chinese boy grabs two bronzes in indoor skydiving championships
Updated 20:53, 26-Sep-2018
A six-year-old Chinese boy Xiao Yiming grabbed two bronze medals; one at the 1st Asiania Indoor Skydiving Championship and the other at the China Open 2018 on Saturday in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. 
Xiao has only eight-months of experience in indoor skydiving yet won medals in the youth freestyle and the youth doubles.
"I did a good job in spite of some mistakes," Xiao said after the competition. "The game was very interesting. I feel like Superman, which is quite cool."  
"He can devote himself to a sport and work hard at such a young age. I think the training is important, and that should be focused on," said Zhang Mohan, Xiao's mother. 
Indoor skydiving is a new sport which uses wind tunnels to simulate the experience of jumping from a plane.