Former CCTV host Li Yong dies from cancer, says his wife
Updated 09:22, 01-Nov-2018
Li Yong, a former host for China Central Television (CCTV), died from cancer on October 25, at the age of 50, after 17 months of treatment in the United States, his wife Ha Wen announced on Weibo on Monday, which received over 245,000 comments in just one hour.
Li's last post on Weibo was on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017. He expressed his appreciation to his wife and daughter, and to everyone else.
Li's last post on Weibo. /Screenshot via Weibo 

Li's last post on Weibo. /Screenshot via Weibo 

People were shocked when the news came, and netizens said it was too sudden to be true.
Many fans left condolences massages below the news.
“Brother Yong, may you rest in peace.” “Can't believe it, he was one of my favorites…”
Li Yong, born in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, was a household name in China. He became a variety show host in 1998 and had a lot followers for his programs such as “Lucky 52” and “Special 6+1.” He has hosted many editions of CCTV's annual Spring Festival Gala.
Li Yong, former host for CCTV. /Screenshot via‍ Weibo

Li Yong, former host for CCTV. /Screenshot via‍ Weibo

In 2013, Li resigned from CCTV and went back to the Communication University of China, his alma mater, with Ha Wen. He had been active on variety shows online.
Li's last public appearance was on the variety show “IQIYI Scream Night 2018” on December 2, 2017, in Beijing.